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Thursday Night Live!

Thursday Night Live! van Het Nieuwe Instituut biedt een afwisselend programma over architectuur, design en digitale cultuur. Urgente vraagstukken, vernieuwend onderzoek, actuele ontwikkelingen en kritische reflectie worden gedeeld en besproken door denkers, ontwerpers en makers uit binnen- en buitenland.

Kristoffer & Kristoffer: 'While working on separate projects we also collaborate in a shared practice across the North Sea. We strive to work fluently across print and digital media with a common foundation in a passion for typography. We attempt to allow for our ideals and idiosyncrasies to fuel exploration of our own aesthetic and conceptual limits, which we seek to translate in our projects which often count collaborators and clients within the sphere of art and culture.

For the identity of the Thursday Night we considered how one might translate the character of the evening program into a purely typographical expression which simultaneously harnesses the interactive nature of the website. The diverse social nature of the program, which emerges from having a defined set of parameters and introducing an unpredictable actor(s) — the visitors/the site-user — was a driving force in our process of giving form to the program. By relinquishing some control and having the expression defined by its circumstances, we hoped (and hope) to have the identity help “create itself”, in order to discover something that we could not have defined ourselves. Expanding on this idea, it occurs to us that much of our practice seems to hover around this balance of negotiating control, and the ability to actively reject it.'

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Johannes Schwartz
Moniker ism Bureau Cool

Het Nieuwe Instituut is een instituut voor architectuur, design en digitale cultuur. Grafisch ontwerp is een van designdisciplines. Het Nieuwe Instituut wil ontwerpers op verschillende manieren bij zijn activiteiten betrekken en een podium bieden.