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Beyond the homepage. That was an important idea behind the website for Het Nieuwe Instituut. Together with interactive design studio Moniker, a concept was developed in which each project is given its own face. The site functions not only as a communications tool but also an a platform for interactive design.

The website is built around so-called ‘web magazines’: independent mini sites for various projects, each with its own identity and structure. Every major project and the most important organisational components have their own magazine on the website. In addition to announcing exhibitions and events such as lectures and debates, the magazines provide background information including extensive project descriptions, reports on activities and longer texts such as essays and interviews. The web magazines function as independent mini sites with their own web address and menu structure. In keeping with the house-style design by Maureen Mooren, the sites use a single typeface in four formats. The screen is divided into a grid of thirty-two blocks, which determine the margins between elements no matter the window size. In this respect, the design is fully responsive.


Like their printed counterparts, each of the web magazines has its own cover: a dynamic, interactive visual ‘opening’ for the magazine. The covers are designed by various designers, who in many cases are responsible for the graphic design for the entire project. Each web magazine thus has its own identity and the website functions both as a source of information and as a platform for graphic and interactive design. The many designers who have developed a cover for Het Nieuwe Instituut include Bart de Baets, Phillip Bührer, Valentijn Goethals, Rudy Guedj, Marc Hollenstein, Sandra Kassenaar, Koehorst in ’t Veld, Karlis Krecers, Jan Robert Leegte, Kristoffer Li, Lu Liang, Tomas Lootens, Luna Maurer, Moniker, Maureen Mooren, Metahaven, Laura Pappa, Jonathan Puckey, Vit Ruller, Tereza Ruller, Kristoffer Sølling, Jochem van der Spek and Roel Wouters.

The website was developed in 2014 in partnership with Moniker, based on the house style by Maureen Mooren. The technical implementation is managed by Hoppinger.

In partnership with various graphic designers, interactive design studio Moniker makes the site’s web covers: interactive artworks that function as the ‘cover’ for the web magazines on each project. A selection of the web covers is featured in this video.

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Johannes Schwartz
Moniker and Bureau Cool
Lotte Haagsma

Het Nieuwe Instituut is een instituut voor architectuur, design en digitale cultuur. Grafisch ontwerp is een van designdisciplines. Het Nieuwe Instituut wil ontwerpers op verschillende manieren bij zijn activiteiten betrekken en een podium bieden.